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2014 NFL Draft Preview: Washington Redskins

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Taking a look at what could be in store for the Washington Redskins come draft day

Desean Jackson was Washington's flashy signing this offseason
Desean Jackson was Washington's flashy signing this offseason
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of this week, we have looked at who each of the New York Giants' NFC East opponents could could be targeting in the upcoming NFL Draft. With the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the rear view mirror, it's time to check out the Washington Redskins.

Record last year: 3-13, last place in the NFC East

How the season ended: With much disappointment. After winning a divisional title last year, due in large part to rookie sensation Robert Griffin III, Washington suffered through a disastrous 2014 filled with drama, injury and let downs.

Biggest loss: London Fletcher retired at the end of the season, leaving a void not just in the middle of Washington's defense, but in the locker room as well.

Biggest gain: The acquisition of wide receiver Desean Jackson to implement into Jay Gruden's offseason may be the biggest addition of any team in the NFL.

NFL Draft: The Redskins are without a first-round pick in the upcoming draft due to the final straw of the RGIII trade with the St. Louis Rams. When Washington does pick, look for them to address the offensive line.

Sleeper selection: New coach Jay Gruden loves nothing more than the offensive side of the ball. If one of the top wideouts in a very deep draft falls into his lap with his first selection the second round, Gruden may be tempted to bull the trigger.