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Big Blue View Mailbag: Pre-NFL Draft edition

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Answering questions from Twitter followers.

Will Hill
Will Hill
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let's open up the Big Blue View Mailbag and see what is on your mind as the 2014 NFL Draft approaches.

Answer: Waaaaaaay too much. It's not happening, so I won't even try to really figure it out. And no, I wouldn't be happy with it. The Giants need more than one player to get back to consistently being a playoff-caliber team and this is a deep draft where you might be able to add several useful players. It's the wrong draft to be giving up picks, which is something I am never a big fan of, anyway.

Answer: Difficult question, honestly. I believe the Giants WANT that second quarterback to be Ryan Nassib and if the season opened today that's how I think it would shake out. I believe, though, that the No. 2 spot is an open competition between Nassib, Curtis Painter and Josh Freeman. I doubt the Giants really want to keep three quarterbacks, but they might end up once again doing just that.

Answer: No. Absolutely not. How could they possibly trust him? The Giants will let the disciplinary process play out and when it's all said and done and Hill's latest suspension is announced I will be very surprised if the Giants don't finally cut ties with Hill. This is three years in a row, and you can't build a consistent defense by depending on guys who can't stay out of trouble long enough to get on the field.

Answer: It's impossible to say 'crazy,' especially since we have no idea who is actually going to be available at No. 12. If Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans is somehow there at 12 he would be difficult to pass up. I think it's logical, especially offensive line, given what the roster currently looks like and how bad the line was a year ago.

Answer: No. The Giants could use more weapons for Eli Manning. I have said over and over that the first priority has to be protecting Eli Manning, and if you can add a guy at No. 12 you think can be a part of your offensive line for 8-10 years in my mind you have to do that. Manning also needs more targets, though, whether it's at wide receiver or tight end. I would like to see the Giants look for big targets, guys who can catch the ball in traffic or when it's not perfectly thrown, and can be red zone weapons.