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2014 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan

We've all heard about Taylor Lewan as the potential target for the New York Giants, but how about his bookend?

Ronald Martinez

When you think of Michigan offensive linemen, you think of Taylor Lewan. However, there's someone else who isflying under the radar as the 2014 NFL Draft approaches. That would be Michael Schofield, Lewan's running mate on the right side. He could very well be a Giants prospect, let's explore why:


- Solid length. 6-foot-6, 302 pounds with 34-inch arms.

- Very strong initial kickslide and a solid run blocker. Seal blocks very well, maybe better than Lewan.

- Rugged personality according to CBS Sports and Nolan Nawrocki. Similar to guys like Rich Seubert and Chris Snee

- Versatile. Mike Mayock thinks he's a starting RT caliber player, but he also was able to succeed at guard during the Senior Bowl.

- Technique is rock solid, especially his hands. Didn't get many holding penalties, but when he got his hands on you, it's over. Low center of gravity and won't let go. Will ride you down.

- Can anchor down when he wants and can move with beautiful footwork when he wants.

- Awareness is good.


- Functional strength needs to be improved.

- Short area quickness isn't up to snuff.

- Going with that short area quickness, he's struggled versus speed off the edge.

- Average athlete. Ran a 5.01 40-yard dash, which isn't bad at all, but didn't show that on the field.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

I really think he does. Giants have traditionally loved grabbing high caliber high school recruits. Schofield was a four-star back then. He's technically sound and a massive overachiever, which sounds like every successful Giant OL ever. He's also versatile enough to play guard or right tackle. His personality fits exactly what the Giants look for and seems like a great locker room guy. He drew praise from Mike Mayock at the Senior Bowl, and we know that Jerry Reese and company pay attention there.

Prospect Video

Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield vs Nebraska 2013 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - Not in top 100

Mocking The Draft - Not in top 200

CBS Sports - 148

Draft Countdown - 196

Draft Tek - 151

Final Thoughts

Both Mayock (read here) and Mel Kiper (read here) believe Schofield can be a starting right tackle in this league. I got around to watching him late, and he fell through the cracks for me, but I think I agree with them. He's in that third-round range for me, around guys like Ohio State's Jack Mewhort, Tennessee's JuWuan James, and Clemson's Brandon Thomas.

He's not a left tackle prospect because he struggles with speed, but he's very, very good against power. That's why he's on the right side for me. Could have a ceiling similar to Sebastian Vollmer. Dominated Ra'shede Hageman in 1-on-1's at the Senior Bowl.

It would not surprise me in the slightest if this guy was a New York Giants selection. I wouldn't touch him before round 3, maybe Round 4, but can't ever rule out tackle prospects. Could see him going as early as round 2, though it'd be a slight reach for me.