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OTA 2014: With terminology down pat, Giants turn attention to execution

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Tom Coughlin and the Giants have the offensive terminology down pat, now it's time for execution

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When Tom Coughlin appointed Ben McAdoo as the New York Giants offensive coordinator, he knew there would be a transition period to McAdoo's west-coast style scheme.

After running the same offense for the past decade, the Giants' were now polar opposite. Gone were the long developing deep throws, replaced by quick curls and slants.

But through two phases of this year's offseason condition program, even Coughlin is surprised by how quickly his team is picking up the new offense.

"We sailed through phase two pretty well, just working on opposite fields," Coughlin said. "As far as understanding what was wanted and communicating on offense, I felt that was good. That's still good. We demonstrated that."

New York now turns its attention to execution and putting the theory that McAdoo is preaching to practice. Of course, it helps when the franchise quarterback is able to set foot on the field from day one.

What was once an injury general manager Jerry Reese said would keep Eli Manning off the field until training camp, the two-time Super Bowl MVP was able to bounce back from ankle surgery to participate in each of the offseason's first two practices. Manning showed little hesitation, but some rust. Missing on a few throws.

While Manning is far from midseason form, simply having the 32-year-old on the field is enough for Coughlin.

"He can get the reps during the spring here and he will have the offense down by the time we break," Coughlin said. "Then when we come back he'll be comfortable with it. We'll see it, we'll communicate it by virtue of signals or whatever. So this is really good."

Not on the field for the Giants were free-agent acquisitions Mario Manningham and John Jerry, along with left tackle William Beatty. Coughlin said he expects all back by training camp.

"(Jerry) had a little procedure, a scope, so he might not work this spring but he's here," Coughlin said. "(Beatty and Manningham) supposedly they'll be ready for the fall."