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Giants' Offseason: What to watch for, 2014 OTAs

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What to watch for when the Giants take the field for the OTAs.

Will there be a difference in last year's Ryan Nassib and this year's one?
Will there be a difference in last year's Ryan Nassib and this year's one?
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The New York Giants will take the field for the first time Wednesday afternoon when OTAs begin. With questions on questions surrounding this year's team, let's take a look at which ones will be answered over the next few weeks.

Offensive Line

Few areas of last year's Giants' team were as putrid, terrible and struggled as mightily as the offensive line. Riddled by injuries, The Giants failed to protect quarterback Eli Manning -- resulting in an ankle injury that will sideline the quarterback for the OTA's--or open any resemblance of a hole for the the stable of running backs that dared line up behind Manning.

Jerry Reese and the front office went to work revamping the line, but who will take the field as the starting five? For the first time, we'll get a look. Will it be J.D. Walton or Weston Richburg in the middle? Is John Jerry a potential starter at guard? We'll get an early look.

Ryan Nassib

While contact will be limited, it will be interesting to see how Ryan Nassib fits into an offense that has some distinct similarities to that of the one he ran in college. Also, has there been any significant progress in Nassib's ability? Josh Freeman was signed as a free agent and there is little belief it is to be the third-string quarterback. It didn't sit well with Coughlin having to carry three quarterbacks this past season and if Nassib hasn't progressed, and Freeman looks solid, it could be the end of the Syracuse alum.

Oh Captain My Captain

Justin Tuck has long been Big Blue's captain and voice on the defensive side of the ball, but that can no longer be heard with the defensive end in Oakland. Is Jon Beason ready to step up and fill the void? The OTA's will be a good early test if Beason is the vocal leader New York so desperately needs.

The Tight Ends

Is anyone going to step up here? Bueller...Bueller? Heck, maybe Bueller can play the position. Is Adrien Robinson finally ready for a breakout? Is Larry Donnell a starting-caliber option. Actually, who even is the starter? The OTAs will be the first look at who has the slightest "edge" at being the No. 1.

The Offense

While it will most likely be a vanilla version, the OTA's will mark the first time Ben McAdoo's offense is displayed to the public. Unlike other coordinators who have had past experience calling plays, McAdoo has never actually called professional plays, so little is known about what the offense will look like. While there will be no contact, there will be plays run. We will finally see what is popularly considered the biggest question surrounding the Giants this year.