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Sean Lee Injury: Cowboys lose star linebacker for season with torn ACL

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Dalls Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee will miss the season with a torn ACL.

Sean Lee
Sean Lee
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

[UPDATE 10:45 PM EDT: It is official. The Dallas Cowboys have lost star linebacker Sean Lee for the season with a torn ACL suffered Tuesday during the team's first OTA.]

New York Giants fans know all too well about injuries, and how they can happen in the most innocent of 'non-contact' situations. During the first OTA of the year for the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, star middle linebacker Sean Lee was assisted off the field with what appeared to be a left knee injury.

Lee is the best player on a weak Dallas defense that simply can't afford to lose him.

The extent of Lee's injury is not yet known. The linebacker was reportedly undergoing an MRI Tuesday afternoon. We will update when we know the severity.

You can see Lee get injured here. OTAs are supposed to be non-contact, which makes it sort of hard to justify or explain what basically amounts to a pancake block by Martin.

The Giants, of course, lost fullback Henry Hynoski during the team's first OTA a year ago. He suffered a knee injury that knocked him out for the entire preseason when he bumped into another running back.

The Giants begin OTAs on Wednesday. As happy as you will be to see some actual live action, this is just a reminder to keep your fingers crossed that the Giants come through the week unscathed.