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New York Giants News, 5/27: Princa Amukamara has a blast at bar mitzvah

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New York Giants headlines for Tuesday, 5/27.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday. Hope you all had a wonderful and save Memorial Day. Now get back to work!

Prince Amukamara went to a bar mitzvah this weekend, apparently. Looks like he had a blast:

USA TODAY's FTW has a few more Instagram videos rounded up. Prince FTW indeed.

ESPN New York's Dan Graziano has a holiday weekend Twitter mailbag with some interesting questions.

Justin Tuck received a warm ovation at the New York Rangers game Sunday. Not surprising, and great to see all around.

More thoughts on the lawsuit from ex-NFL players from's Mark Eckel. has a list of teams returning to work with OTAs this week. The Giants get back at it Wednesday.