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New York Giants' news, 5/26: Carl Banks talks painkillers in the NFL

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New York Giants headlines for Monday, 5/26.

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Happy Memorial Day, New York Giants fans! I hope you all have plans to enjoy the day with family and friends, and to celebrate what this holiday is really about.

Former Giants linebacker Carl Banks talked about his use of painkillers during his playing days with the Daily News. The column from Gary Myers is enlightening; Banks has an attitude of if you can't stand the pain, "don't play," but he also says the Giants' staff didn't support shooting players up with illegal drugs.

The Daily News also has more on the subject from John Madden, and his comments are definitely worth your time, whether you agree on his pervading point or not.

The Post has a nice feature on third-round pick Jay Bromley and the tough path he took to the NFL.

This headline says it all: "Giants fan recreates classic topless Eli Manning picture."

Somebody bookmark this for the future when ESPN's Dan Graziano resorts to this kind of reasoning: "One of the things I hate most about NFL analysis is the extent to which it seeks examples from the past to cling to."

Not Giants-related, but still relevant: Washington Redskins president Bruce Allen wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that his team's name is "respectful" toward Native Americans.