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Big Blue View Mailbag: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

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What's on your mind? We find out in this edition of the 'Big Blue View Mailbag.'

David Wilson
David Wilson

Let's open up a Memorial Day Weekend edition of the 'Big Blue View Mailbag' as we begin to make the transition away from the offseason roster-building toward the real preparation for the New York Giants' 2014 NFL season. I received several good questions this week via both Twitter and e-mail, so let's get right to them.

Answer: Wilson's future remains uncertain. He is reportedly participating in the Giants' offseason program, but that does not mean he will play in 2014 -- or ever again. He has not been cleared for contact following neck surgery, and there is no indication when that might happen. Even if he is allowed to play in 2014 it seems unlikely you would see Wilson in any more than a limited, complementary role. Rashad Jennings was signed to be the feature back, and rookie Andre Williams is another bruising runner who has shown he can thrive with a heavy volume of carries. Wilson, if he plays again, seems destined for more of a specialist role with a limited number of touches.

Answer: My post-NFL Draft 53-man roster projection included three tight ends -- Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell and veteran blocking tight end Kellen Davis. Injuries and the fact that the Giants could still add a tight end later this summer or during the preseason could change that. The other thing to watch is whether or not undrafted free agent Xavier Grimble can crack the roster. If everyone stays healthy I will stay with my original projection, and figure that Grimble begins on the practice squad.

Answer: With the Giants' depth at cornerback you have to believe the days of Antrel Rolle being forced to play the slot cornerback position are over. That's what the Giants signed Walter Thurmond for, and they also have Trumaine McBride, Jayron Hosley and Zack Bowman is reserve. Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell likes to move his safeties around, and even if the cornerback depth means we see little of the three-safety look you have to think that will continue. There will be times when the Giants have two linebackers -- or one -- on the field. In those instances somebody has to come down near the line of scrimmage as a pseudo-linebacker. Rolle and Stevie Brown both have the size and tackling ability to fill that role at times.

Answer: The Giants have said they will let the NFL disciplinary process play out. When reports of Hill's most recent failed drug test came out, I wrote "If he is suspended again it's hard to imagine the Giants not cutting ties with him. No matter how talented he is, and he is immensely talented, you can't keep giving chances to a player you can't depend on." I am going to stick with that. At some point, the player's words mean nothing and his actions mean everything. If he is suspended again that probably means the end of his Giants' career.

Question: With approximately $4M in cap space available and another $5M coming available in June do you think the Giants will make another acquisition once teams start cutting players to get down to the 53 limit? They can use help at tight end and defensive end but the pickings seem to be slim. -- Nat Karol [via e-mail]

Answer: Of course the Giants will add a player or players between now and the start of the season. As for where, who knows? Let's get through the offseason, training camp and preseason first. Let's find out what they have at positions in question. Let's see what significant injuries they suffer -- because you know there will be some. Let's see who becomes available, either later this summer or during the final cuts. There aren't going to be any expensive signings -- that part of roster-building is long gone. There are always a few guys who get added along the way to fill holes -- we just don't know where those holes will be right now. By the way, that cap space coming available in June is what is being used to sign the rookies.