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Get Your New York Giants Ugly Sweater!

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The weather might be warming up, but shouldn't you have one of these, anyway?

It's May and temperatures haven't even consistently warmed up yet. It is never too early, however, to do a little early Christmas shopping, especially when you can now add an officially licensed New York Giants Ugly Sweater from Forever Collectibles to your wardrobe.

There are two styles advertised. The 'busy block', shown above, and the 'word mark,' shown below. Both are, as promised, ugly. But, hey, if you've got to wear an ugly sweater around the holidays -- and ugly sweater parties seem to be the rage these days -- shouldn't it be one that proudly sports the name of your favorite NFL team.


As ugly as these sweaters are, they probably aren't close to being the ugliest. There is something about the Seattle Seahawks colors that makes their sweater unbearable to look at.


Even if I was a Cincinnati Bengals fan I'm not sure I could bring myself to wear their ugly sweater.


And the Baltimore Ravens? Yeesh!


Check 'em all out for yourself. SB Nation also has some thoughts on these.