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Giants may not use Odell Beckham Jr. as kick returner

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The New York Giants don't have any plans, yet, to use first-round pick Odell Beckham Jr. to return kickoffs.

Stacy Revere

Nearly moments after selecting Odell Beckham Jr. in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jerry Reese could barely contain his excitement. The Giants' general manager ranted and raved about the explosiveness of his team's new toy, saying he had the potential to to be an electric kick returner, punt returner and wide receiver.

Well, two out of three isn't bad.

Tuesday at Rookie Media Day, Beckham Jr. talked to reporters for the first time and let them know he plans on being explosive, it just may not come in the return game.

"Right now that's really up in the air," Beckham said. "I've talked to coach a little bit about doing some punt return, but they've got guys like (Trindon) Holliday and some other guys who can do kick return and punt return as well."

At LSU, Beckham was dominant in all three facets of the game. Aside from catching 59 passes for 1,152 yards and eight touchdowns, Beckham averaged 26.4 yards per kick return and 8.9 per punt. The Giants were porous in both return areas last year, ranking near the bottom of the league, but made several signings to improve the return game.

Trindon Holliday was brought over from Denver and Quintin Demps from Kansas City. Demps averaged 30 yards per kick return and Holliday has scored four return touchdowns in the last three years. Couple that with a group that also has David Wilson in the mix.

In his rookie season, Wilson averaged 26.89 yards per kick return and scored a touchdown.

The one area there is little doubt the 21-year-old will make his presence felt is on offense. Beckham is expected to compete for both the X and Z receiver position, allowing Victor Cruz to play the slot.

"I kind of taught myself the X right now and learned the Z as well," Beckham said. "When they're in the two-minute and you don't switch sides you know exactly what's going on."