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Expanded NFL Playoffs? Not this year

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NFL owners won't vote on expanding the playoffs for at least another year.

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, Jerry Jones and the Dallas CowboysThe NFL will not expand the playoffs, at least for the 2014 season. Jones, owner of the Cowboys, has been in favor of adding teams to the playoffs because it "would help my Cowboys." Owners won't vote on expanding the playoffs, although reports indicate the league is still targeting the 2015 season to add two teams to the playoffs, bumping the total to 14 from its current 12., incidentally, points out the Cowboys would have missed the playoffs the last four years even in an expanded format.

Giants' co-owner John Mara is one of the league owners opposed to expanding the playoffs despite the Giants having missed the playoff boat the past two seasons. Mara said this week that he is "in the minority. I'm against it."

Playoff expansion requires approval from at least 24 of the NFL's 32 teams. A year from now, that might become reality.