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Las Vegas oddsmakers set over/under for Giants at 7.5 wins

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How many games will the Giants win in 2014? One Las Vegas sports book doesn't think it will be enough.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, Las Vegas oddsmakers are not big believers in the 2014 New York Giants. The LVH sports book, via the National Football Post, has released its projected 2014 win totals. The Giants are project to win only 7.5 games which, obviously, would mean a third straight season without reaching the NFL playoffs.

As active as the Giants have been this offseason it is hard to believe that all of that work won't translate into a bump in their victory total from 2013's 7-9 record. There are no guarantees, of course, but on paper the Giants roster seems much better right now than the under-whelming group that ended the 2013 season.

With all of those moving parts -- including a host of key new players on both sides of the ball and an entirely new offense -- there is no telling if or when all of the pieces will come together the way the organization hopes. Stll, hard to believe the projection isn't for at least 8 wins, possibly 9.

You taking the over or the under on 7.5 wins, Giants' fans?