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Re-grading the 2010 NFL Draft: The Giants did not do well

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A look back at the 2010 NFL Draft, which did not turn out well for the Giants.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Al Bello

You thought we were done talking about the NFL Draft for a while? Well, not quite. The folks at The Sideline View -- an excellent, informative site -- have re-graded the 2010 Draft. It's worth a look because the Giants did not do well here at all.

The Sideline View gives the 2010 Draft class a grade of C-. Here is the complete class:

Round 1- USF DE Jason Pierre-Paul
Round 2 - East Carolina DT Linval Joseph
Round 3 - LSU S Chad Jones
Round 4 - Nebraska LB Phillip Dillard
Round 5 - Arkansas G Mitch Petrus
Round 6 - William & Mary LB Adrian Tracy
Round 7 - East Carolina P Matt Dodge

Here is what The Sideline View said about that group:

The tragedy in this class was what happened to Jones. The former Tiger was involved in a car accident that kept him from ever seeing the field in New York. Pierre-Paul went to two Pro Bowls and has 28.5 sacks, but 2013 was clearly his worst year in the league. The rest of the class? Ugh.

Valentine's View

The amazing thing is that the Giants have only Pierre-Paul left, and that only JPP and Joseph remain in the league. The Sideline View points out that there have been 30 Pro Bowlers from this class thus far, and the Giants have only one of those -- Pierre-Paul. Of course, when your picks are out of the league it's tough to add to that total.

The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks have had three Pro Bowlers from this class and still have four players remaining from it. One of the players from that class, cornerback Walter Thurmond, is now a Giant.

The 2010 draft isn't the only one that has come up short in recent years. The Giants have paid the price for not doing well enough in the draft pretty much from 2009 to 2011 -- I won't judge the 2012 and 2013 classes yet. This study is just more evidence that helps explain why the Giants have missed the playoffs four of the past five seasons.