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New York Giants' news, 5/15: Eli Manning -- Michael Sam would have fit with Giants

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New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 5/15.

MIchael Sam
MIchael Sam
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Let's look around the Inter-Google for your Giants-related headlines this morning.

Accusing big brother Peyton of stealing 'Omaha' wasn't all Eli Manning talked about during an interview on Huff Post Live. He also said he thought Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player, would not have had any problems in the Giants locker room.

"We have a great locker room, and I think the most important thing, the way I look at things, you're drafted a football player. That's all we care about in the locker room," said Manning, who was promoting Citizen Watch Company of America's initiate to support education. "Are you doing your job as a football player? What you do outside and in your personal life is up to you.

"If you come to work every day and you're trying to help out the team, then whatever you're doing in your personal life, it's OK by us."

Geoff Schwartz, the Giants new left guard, is an active presence on Twitter. Interacting with fans Wednesday night, Schwartz showed he understands how his relationship with Giants fans will go.

There were also a few other interesting exchanges in Schwartz's chat with fans Wednesday night.

Antrel Rolle says safety Will Hill, facing another suspension from the NFL, insists he has been staying clean.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara said Wednesday that as a former first-round pick by the Giants "I don't think I've really given them a return on their investment yet."

I leave you with this note. Looking for a cat? You can adopt one named 'Eli Manning.'