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NFL Free Agency 2014: Tight end market is Jermichael Finley and who else?

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Let's examine tight ends on the free-agent market and see if any of them could be a fit for the Giants.

Jermichael Finley
Jermichael Finley

OK, so we know the New York Giants did not add a tight end to their roster during the 2014 NFL Draft. There is no point in once again rehashing why, or debating whether or not the Giants made the right decisions when they bypassed available tight ends during the draft.

We know Adrien Robinson and Larry Donnell are unproven. We know Kellen Davis is a blocker, not a pass receiver. We know Daniel Fells was out of the league last year.

The only thing to debate at this point, really, is whether or not there are free agents available who might be able to help.

The market, of course, begins with Jermichael Finley. The former Green Bay Packers tight end has been connected to the Giants ever since former Packers assistant Ben McAdoo, his one-time position coach, became Giants offensive coordinator. After McAdoo was hired Finley called him a "rising star" and said he would "go running" if the Giants wanted him.

Problem is, doctors still aren't really allowing Finley to run much of anywhere. He missed the final 10 games last season with a serious neck injury, and still has not received medical clearance to return to football.

If and when that clearance ever comes, the Giants will have some competition if they want the services of the 27-year-old Finley. The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks have reportedly shown some interest, and a return to the Packers is also apparently not out of the question.

Finley caught 55 passes in 2011, 61 passes in 2012 and can obviously be a weapon in the passing game. He is, clearly, the most talented tight end still available.

Other Options

Beyond Finley, what other veteran players are available? There aren't many appealing options left on the market, but here are a few.

Dustin Keller -- The former New York Jets tight end suffered a devastating knee injury in a 2013 preseason game for the Miami Dolphins, tearing his ACL, MLC and PCL as well as dislocating his knee. Keller, 30 in September, caught 65 balls in 2011. He might be worth a shot on a non-guaranteed veteran minimum type contract.

Dallas Clark -- The former Indianapolis Colts star isn't the same guy who caught 100 passes back in 2009. In fact, after catching only 31 passes for the Baltimore Ravens last season, Clark might be retiring. He turns 35 next month. Maybe the Giants reach out and see if he has interest in playing one more year.

Chase Coffman -- A 2010 third-round pick of the Atlanta Falcons, Coffman has only four receptions in 21 games. Worse? The Falcons chose to let him go as a free agent and replaced him with ex-Giant Bear Pascoe.

Final Word

Look at those names and it's a simple reality. Unless a quality tight end becomes available either as a post-June cut or at the end of the preseason it is pretty much Finley or bust if the Giants are going to add one from the currently available players.