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New York Giants news, 5/13: Former Giant Tyler Sash arrested

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Turns out fleeing on a scooter and hiding behind a tree isn't the best way to evade police.

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We of course wish Tyler Sash the best in dealing with his forthcoming legal issues, as this really is a serious matter. But "fled on scooter" and "tried hiding behind tree, but police spotted him" is bound to get more than a few chortles on the Internet.

From KCCI in Iowa (Sash is an Oskaloosa native and played his college ball with the Hawkeyes), via Deadspin:

Tyler Sash, a safety who played two seasons for the New York Giants, wasn't able to evade police via scooter at around 1 a.m. last Saturday.

According to Iowa police, Sash — who smelled of alcohol — attempted to flee from cops on his scooter, though he quickly hopped off the scooter and ran away on foot. Sash tried hiding behind a tree, though police spotted him. The former Iowa Hawkeye reportedly ignored repeated orders to stop running, and was eventually tazed and arrested.

Sash was eventually charged with public intoxication and interference with official acts. After the Giants drafted him in the sixth round of the 2011 draft, Sash was eventually cut prior to the 2013 season. In July 2012, he was suspended four games after testing positive for Adderall. He claimed in a statement then that he took the drug legally and under the care of a doctor to help with an anxiety condition.


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