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NFL Power Rankings: Giants move up after NFL Draft

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Where are the Giants in ESPN's post-draft NFL Power Rankings?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We all know what offseason NFL Power Rankings are worth -- not much. That said, it seems like those who cover the NFL love to do them, and fans love to discuss anything about football. With that preamble, ESPN is out with its post-NFL Draft power rankings.

Your New York Giants are No. 19 in ESPN's latest rankings, up four spots from where they were prior to the draft.

Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham give Eli Manning some quality route runners for this year. He just has to hit them (NFL-worst 4.9 interception percentage in 2013).

The Giants' work in the just-concluded 2014 NFL Draft generally received positive reviews, and this rankings jump is another indication of that.

As for the Giants being 19th it's difficult to argue that they should be any higher than that after missing the playoffs two straight seasons.

As for the other NFC East teams, the Philadelphia Eagles are No. 9, the Dallas Cowboys No. 22 and the Washington Redskins No. 28.

The defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are No. 1.