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New York Giants news, 5/12: 2014 NFL Draft recap

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With the 2014 NFL Draft in the books, how do you think the Giants fared?

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Happy Monday! Post-NFL Draft, let's see where the New York Giants stand.

First and foremost, here's the Giants' full class of 2014 picks. We're also tracking undrafted free agent signings here, and you can catch up on all our draft content right here.

Probably the biggest post-draft talk aside from actual pick evaluation: the Giants ignoring the tight end position. There might not be a bigger hole on the roster, as Ralph Vachianno of the Daily News reminds us. Adrien Robinson should get another solid look come training camp, but Vachianno even references one team source wondering how the Giants had zero interest in North Carolina's Eric Ebron, who went to the Detroit Lions at pick No. 10. From the front office's perspective, it seems, this class of tight ends just wasn't very impressive.

“The tight end position wasn’t a class we felt was very strong,” said Marc Ross, the Giants’ VP of player evaluation. “Even with a couple of the guys, there are things that to the outside eye you don’t know about that devalue them even more. We weren’t going to force any players or overvalue anybody or push them up because people may think we need a tight end.”

Ebenezer Samuel from the Daily News details the rags-to-riches story of third-round pick Jayson Bromley, the defensive tackle from Syracuse.

"It is not All About Eli, but it certainly is A Whole Lot About Eli," writes Paul Schwartz from the Post. To him, this draft was all about finding more weapons for Eli Manning. Listening to general manager Jerry Reese, it sure seems like that was achieved.

“We’re trying like heck,’’ general manager Jerry Reese said. “I think we have a weapon with Odell on the outside. We think he’ll help in respect to that. We think we have a center who we think can help, so yeah. We’ve got a big running back you can hand the ball to. Hopefully those things can help him out and get [Manning] back on track.’’

Also in the Post: not having a seventh-round pick helped the front office prep for the ensuing UDFA frenzy.