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'Invictus' is the Big Blue View 2014 NFL Mock Draft Champion

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'Invictus' had the most accurate final mock draft of any of our draft analysts, earning bragging rights over Jesse Bartolis and 'Raptor22' for the next year.

Cliff Hawkins

The title of 'Big Blue View Mock Draft Champion' for 2014 will go to 'Invictus,' who had the most accurate final mock draft amongst our trio of NFL Draft analysts. Using a mock draft scoring system from The Huddle Report, 'Invictus' totalled 35 points, Jesse Bartolis 34, and 'Raptor' 31.

The Huddle Report system allots one point for getting a player correctly into Round 1, and two more points for matching him to the correct team. Thus, the maximum score for any pick is three points.

Mock Round 1 Players Team Matches Total Score
Invictus 23 6 35
Jesse 24 5 34
Raptor 25 3 31

As you can see from the table, 'Raptor' actually correctly identified the most players who would be taken in the first round, nailing 25 of them. He only matched three players to the correct teams, however. 'Invictus' had 23 players in Round 1 and six team matches, while Jesse had 24 and five.

How do the scores of our analysts compare nationally? Bryan Perez of FRG Scouting had this year's best score, a 43. Mocking The Draft analysts Matthew Fairburn and Dan Kadar scored 37 and 36, respectively. Mel Kiper of ESPN had a 36, Mike Mayock of NFL Network a 34, and Todd McShay of ESPN a 33. See The Huddle Report for the complete table.

The Huddle Report also keep five-year averages for mock draft scores, and SB Nation's Kadar has the second-best average since 2010, a 42.00. Jason Boris of the Times News (Pa.) tops the list at 44.20. Kiper's five-year average is 40.60.

Finally, The Huddle Report also tabulates Top 100 scores to see who had the most accurate Big Boards. This, simply, is a measurement of how many players in your top 100 were actually among the first 100 players selected.

The Big Blue View Big Board correctly predicted 76 of the first 100 players to be selected. The most accurate big board belonged to and to The Huddle Report itself, each with 81 of 100 players correct. Among those with 80 corrected were McShay, Mayock, Great Blue North Draft Report, CBS and TFY Draft Insider. Draft Countdown hit 79. Kiper and Rob Rang of CBS had 78. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, who has the best five-year average of 84.2, hit 77 this time around.

Congrats to 'Invictus'! King of the Big Blue View mock draft.