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Tom Coughlin Jay Fund: Final day to contribute

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Our Draft Drive to raise money for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund has been a success. If you have yet to contribute, today is the final day to do so. Please give generously to help us help families of children battling cancer.

Photo courtesy of Tom Coughlin Jay Fund

If you have not yet contributed to the Big Blue View Draft Drive to benefit the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund you had better hurry. Today is the final day donations will be accepted.

We have been running our fund drive as a competition with SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars web site, Big Cat Country. Coughlin, of course, was formerly coach of the Jaguars. The winning web site will receive a football autographed by Coughlin to give away.

Total donations entering Monday are:

Big Blue View: $1,682
Big Cat Country: $900

Not familiar with the Jay Fund? Here is some additional background from the Jay Fund web site:

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation was created in 1996 in honor of Jay McGillis. Jay was a special young man who developed leukemia while a member of Coach Coughlin’s team at Boston College. In the eight months between Jay’s diagnosis and the day he lost his battle with cancer, the Coughlin family saw first hand the physical, emotional and financial strains the illness caused the McGillis Family. After going through the tragic events with Jay’s family, Coach Coughlin vowed that if he ever had the chance, he would create a way to help families with children battling cancer.

Coach Coughlin kept his vow and started a foundation to BE THERE in Jay’s honor. Since then the Jay Fund has evolved in size and scope helping thousands of families in Northeast Florida and the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area who are fighting childhood cancer.

How to Donate


Fill in all the appropriate fields. In the ‘Dedicated To’ field, please enter ‘Big Blue View.’ This will enable Jay Fund organizers to track the amount of money we raise for them, and ensure that your donation is counted in our effort to raise more money than the Jaguars’ fans over at Big Cat Country.