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2014 NFL Draft: NFL Network's Mike Mayock breaks down upcoming draft

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Mike Mayock spoke to reporters via conference call on Thursday about the upcoming NFL Draft

Mike Mayock said Eric Ebron would be a "great selection"
Mike Mayock said Eric Ebron would be a "great selection"
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday afternoon, NFL Network Draft Analyst Mike Mayock joined reporters on a conference call to discuss the upcoming draft. While the call covered nearly every team in the NFL, below you will find a couple quick points that directly impact the New York Giants

  • When asked about potential draft picks for the Detroit Lions, Mayock made reference that he foresees a situation in which both Zack Martin and Mike Evans are both gone by selection No. 10. With both players on the Giants’ radar, it would be interesting if neither is there when New York selects at 12.
  • The Giants hosted Washington State safety Deone Bucannon for a pre-draft visit before news broke on Will Hill’s pending suspension. Bucannon’s name was mentioned as a potential selection for the Philadelphia Eagles, but Mayock said he doesn’t see it as a likely landing spot. Mayock described Bucannon as more of a "box" safety who should hear his name called in the second round.
  • While not directly Giants related, Mayock spent a considerable amount of time talking about the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Mayock, he sees Philly drafting a safety in the first round and as a potential candidate to move up in the draft via trade.
  • Mayock sent the first surprise of the call when he said he sees the Cowboys drafting their quarterback of the future in the upcoming draft. Using a "fairly high pick" on a signal caller.
  • Tight end Eric Erbron has been linked to the Giants for quite some time, but Mayock said he could see him winding up in Tampa Bay.
  • Mayock did go into detail on who he sees as the best selection for the Giants at No. 12 and gave three options: Martin, Ebron and Mike Evans. Mayock said that Martin would be the option if all three are available, but that taking Ebron would be a "great selection" as the UNC tight end is an "offensive weapon."

Below you will find several tweets that were sent out during the press conference.