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Big Blue View Draft Drive: Updating our drive for the Jay Fund

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As you should know by now, we are in the midst of the Big Blue View Draft Drive, proceeds of which will raise money for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. That drive, which began Monday and runs through May 11, is also a competition with SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars web site, Big Cat Country, to see which site can raise the most money.

So, how are we doing thus far? Well, we are winning. As of this morning, Big Blue View is beating Big Cat Country. We have raised $615, to $220 for BCC.

The Jay Fund helps families of children with cancer. Need motivation to donate beyond helping those families and making sure BBV stomps out BCC? The Jay Fund will give the winning site (which better be this one) a Tom Coughlin autographed football. Yours truly would love to just set that next to my Michael Strahan autographed mini-helmet, but I will give that away via a caption contest should we win it.

I am happy about what we have done so far and I thank those of you who have reached into your pockets to help, but I'm greedy and I want more. I would love to see us above $1,000 in donations by the end of the day on Friday. Data from the Jay Fund folks shows we have had just 17 donations thus far. There are thousands of you who come here to talk Giants every day. That means there are an awful lot of you who haven't ponied up yet.

What are you waiting for? Even $5 would be helpful, so hurry up and visit the Jay Fund Donation Page. Be sure to enter 'Big Blue View' in the dedicated to field, as shown below.