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New York Giants' news, 5/1: Previewing Jerry Reese's pre-draft press conference

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New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 5/1.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Thursday morning headlines.

General manager Jerry Reese holds his annual pre-draft press conference today at 12:30 p.m. ET. The presser will be streamed live via

In the event you are working or otherwise occupied and can't watch, let me save you some trouble. Reese's press conference is going to go something like this:

Q: Jerry, will you focus on rebuilding the offense in the draft?

A: "We just go into the draft looking for the best player."

Q: Jerry, are you looking to fill specific needs in the draft?

A: "We need linebackers, we need d-line, we need offensive line, we need every position. We try to get as many players at every position as we can. In the draft we try to pick the best player available. We go in there looking for the best player. And that is what is important to us, is to try to pick the best player."

Q: Jerry, what impact do you think free agency had on what you will do in the draft?

A: "We never try to reach in the draft. We're conscious of what we think our needs are, but we try to pick the best player in the draft. We do try to fill holes in free agency when we get an opportunity to do that, but we never say let's get a certain position in the draft. We just try to pick the best player."

These are fictitious questions, some version of which Reese will be asked this afternoon. The answers? Those are copied and pasted from the GM's last two pre-draft press conferences. He gives those same answers every year, and he is stone-cold certain to give some version of them again this time around.


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