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Chris Johnson Rumors: Is he visiting New York Giants? Well ...

An unsubstantiated report surfaced Wednesday that running back Chris Johnson was visiting the Giants. Here is what we know.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Is free-agent running back Chris Johnson visiting with the New York Giant? Let's chill on that speculation until there is crdible information to back up that idea.

There was an unconfirmed report earlier this morning that Johnson, released recently by the Tennessee Titans, was meeting with the Giants. There is, however, no evidence from credible sources that there is any truth to this.

Johnson himself tweeted Tuesday evening that he was traveling for personal reasons.

Art Stapleton of The Record also tweeted about the Johnson rumors, attempting to put them to bed.

Let's just say you would be much better served to put your faith in Stapleton's work than where the story originally came from.

Johnson's agent, Joel Segal, has yet to return a call seeking clarification.