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2014 NFL Draft: Giants set for local workout day

The New York Giants are preparing for their local workout day, which will be held on Thursday.

Tom Coughlin will be looking for additional help in the upcoming draft
Tom Coughlin will be looking for additional help in the upcoming draft
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While GM Jerry Reese and the rest of the New York Giants' front office have worked tirelessly this offseason to fill holes on the roster, the team still has question marks. The upcoming 2014 NFL Draft is a chance to provide some answers.

As part of the preparation for that the Giants will host their local workout day on Thursday. New York will have a four-hour window to look at different prospects from across the Northeast. The local workout day does not count against the 30 private workouts NFL teams are allowed to hold for players prior to the draft.

The following is a list confirmed by several media outlets, including The Star-Ledger, of athletes that will be in attendance during the Giants local workout day.

Mike McLafferty, tight end, Monmouth
Mike Naples, tight end, Boston College
Gavin McCarney, quarterback, Boston College
Kadeem Williams, offensive tackle, Albany

Michael Cole, defensive end/outside linebacker, Maine
Jamal Merrell, linebacker, Rutgers
Jamil Merrell, defensive line, Rutgers

(This post will be updated as more visits become official)