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2014 NFL Draft: A look at the draft needs of each NFC East team

Let's take a quick tour around the NFC East this afternoon to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft plans of all four teams. SB Nation's Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein recently put together a video detailing their team-by-team thoughts. The video is below, and team-by-team excerpts are also included.

New York Giants

Ufford: "If you talk to any Giants' fan or anyone who watched a Giants' game the biggest complaint is 'our offensive line is terrible.' "

"Given that Eli Manning has lost his top tight end every year for the past four years you have to look at Eric Ebron at No. 12."

Rubenstein: "Can we download a plug-in for Eli Manning? Oh, we fixed the interception bug, that's what the big need is there."

Valentine's View: We have been over this a zillion times. Offensive line, tight end, wide receiver, defensive line and maybe even linebacker should be addressed at some point in the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles

Matt Ufford: "An obvious hole is their secondary ... they still need to bolster a secondary that gave up 4,900 yards last year, worst in the NFL."

Ufford also pointed to wide receiver, where DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant are gone, as an area the Eagles could address.

Dan Rubenstein: "Luckily this year's draft class, very, very deep receiver class. They're going to get somebody good."

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Dallas Cowboys

Ufford: "They need help from top to bottom on that defense."

Rubenstein: "It would be the most Dallas thing in the world for them to draft a receiver right here in the first round."

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Washington Redskins

Ufford: "What jumps out to me is inside linebacker, replace London Fletcher who anchored that defense for so long, and defensive linemen."

Rubenstein: "They need so much up front."

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