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2014 NFL Draft: Prospect Profile -- Weston Richburg, OC, Colorado State

Weston Richburg, center from Colorado State is well known in these parts. Let's take a closer look at his game.

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Let's use today's 2014 NFL Draft prospect profile to take a look at a name that has been popular with New York Giants fans recently, namely because he plays a position where the starter is slated to be someone who has barely played in two years.

Colorado State's Weston Richburg is one of the top centers available in this year's draft. He should be a high value target for the Giants. Let's explore why the 6-foot-3, 298-pound Richburg will be highly coveted.


- Highly intelligent. Having watched four games of his, I didn't notice many blown assignments, if any. Made all the pass protection calls at the line.

- Reportedly great intangibles. Was voted team captain twice.

- Durable. Played in all 50 games of his career.

- Plus athleticism at the position. Effective getting downfield, probably the best screen game center in the draft. Can pull effectively.

- Technically sound pass protector. Good short area mobility.


- Biggest issue is the strength. He can get overpowered and I wonder how he'll do against the big tanks in the NFL like a Haloti Ngata or a Vince Wilfork.

- Associated with the strength, comes questionable drive blocking. Won't move guys off the ball.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Absolutely. He's going to be sandwiched between two power blockers in Chris Snee and Geoff Schwartz but I don't think that matters that much. Pugh and Beatty are ZBS players. I have zero idea what scheme the Giants plan, then, on employing but currently, JD Walton is a ZBS center. Richburg fits right in. He's got the movement skills and pass protection ability to be a starter at the next level for this team.

Prospect Video

Weston Richburg vs Alabama (2013) (via Josh DB)

Shoutout to draftbreakdown for the film.

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 87

Mocking The Draft - 99

CBS Sports - 57

Draft Countdown - 60

Draft Tek - 100

Final Thoughts

The consensus seems to think that Richburg is a late-second to late-third round player and I'd have to agree that he's a Day 2 prospect. He has been compared by some prognosticators to Alex Mack but Richburg doesn't have the functional strength that Mack does. He does, however, have similar short area movement skills and the ability to get out in space in a hurry. Do I think he's a starting caliber player? Yes. He might need a year in the weight room and get coached up as a bit of a developmental prospect, but he's an enticing player and could be a realistic option for the Giants in Round 3.