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2014 NFL Draft Rumors: Gil Brandt on Taylor Lewan, other potential Giants

Gil Brandt held a draft-related Twitter Q&A on Tuesday. Here is a look at some of what we learned.

Gil Brandt
Gil Brandt
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports draft sage Gil Brandt, former Dallas Cowboys executive, held a Twitter Q&A Wednesday regarding the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. Here are some of Brandt's thoughts on players who might be of interest to the New York Giants.

When it comes to draft talk around these parts, everything starts with Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan.

Cody Latimer, the wide receiver from Indiana, is a player who has been moving up draft boards and might be intirguing for the Giants if he is available on Day 2.

Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson is a player many like for the Giants. [Prospect Profile] Brandt thinks he might fall to Round 3.

Brandt, like everyone else, loves the depth of the wide receivers in this draft class.

Brandt believes North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron should come off the board somewhere around the Giants' pick at No. 12.