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Weatherford Wednesday: Great day to help the Jay Fund

It is time for your 'Weatherford Wednesday.' That makes today a great day to give generously to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.


We have reached another 'Weatherford Wednesday,' and we are going to take a different tone this morning. New York Giants' punter Steve Weatherford is all about doing whatever he can whenever he can to help people in need. With that in mind, this 'Weatherford Wednesday' is a perfect day to help our Big Blue View Draft Drive and make a contribution in our name to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

While I don't have exact numbers for you this morning, we are off to an embarrassingly slow start in raising money for the Jay Fund, which is coach Tom Coughlin's charity designed to raise money for families of children with cancer. We are also losing our competition with Big Cat Country, SB Nation's Jacksonville Jaguars web site, to see which site raises the most money.

Please, tens of thousands of Giants' fans come to Big Blue View every day. Imagine what we could do if each of you took a couple of minutes to give a dollar, two dollars, five dollars -- whatever you can -- to help people who need it. That is what the Jay Fund, and ultimately 'Weatherford Wednesday,' are all about.

Now, here are a few 'Weatherford Wednesday' social media highlights. As usual, you will notice that many of them are Weatherford giving his time to help others. We hope you will follow his lead.

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