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New York Giants' news, 4/3: Offseason of change for Giants

New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 4/3.

Robert Ayers
Robert Ayers
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Thursday morning headlines.

ESPN says the Giants' signing of defensive end Robert Ayers signing has a familiar feel to it, following their offseason pattern.

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner says the Giants have made "important, foundational changes" this offseason, the latest of which was the Ayers signing:

It's not a sexy signing, nor are many that the Giants have made this offseason. Eli Manning remains the face of the franchise. Tom Coughlin is still the coach. Most of the changes have been to the middle and lower parts of the team, but they have been important, foundational changes that have remade this roster.

Losing Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph hurts, especially for a team that likes to stockpile defensive line talent. Ayers is not as good as either of them, but the former first-round pick is 28 years old, a good run defender and started to play some really solid football last season for the Broncos, especially after Von Miller went down. Ayers can fill multiple techniques along the line.

And suddenly, the Giants are not pigeonholed into one position with the No. 12 overall pick in the draft. They have signed four cornerbacks, four offensive linemen, four linebackers, three running backs, two defensive linemen, a safety and a wide receiver, so really, anything is in play. We know the Giants under Reese have shown a best-player-available approach, especially with their first-round picks, so we can't assume that they will lean to the offensive side for sure with that pick, as some have speculated.

But the good news for the Giants is that they have shed some dead skin, grown another layer and have — very quietly — improved their football team at its foundation, even if the work is far from done to return to a Super Bowl-level roster.

Ex-Giants Michael Strahan is joining the 'Good Morning America' crew. projects the Giants offensive line depth chart.