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LeSean McCoy Not Impressed By Giants' Offseason Overhaul

LeSean McCoy is once again trash-talking the New York Giants.

LeSean McCoy
LeSean McCoy
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles is up to one of his favorite pastimes again -- trash-talking the New York Giants.

Remember McCoy's jabs at then-Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora a couple of years ago? Among other things he called Umenyiora a "ballerina," said he was "overrated n soft" and that he "thinks he is better than what he really is."

side from the part I actually agree with where McCoy said Umenyiora thought he was better than he actually was, the guy just needs to be quiet. Eagles' fans might enjoy the supposed comedic value of McCoy's blathering, but in the end it means nothing.

The Eagles were better than the Giants last year, but that no longer really means anything, either. McCoy, in fact, probably really shouldn't care what moves the Giants have made. All anyone should care about is what happens on the field this fall. Until then, anything said is just useless noise.