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NFL Draft Rumors: Johnny Manziel to the Dallas Cowboys?

Reports keep popping up that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in trading up to select Johnny Manziel. Could that really happen?

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

How is this for a delicious 2014 NFL Draft rumor? The Dallas Cowboys could be interested in trading up to select Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

"Don't count out the Dallas Cowboys, who love star power and may try and work their way up to get Johnny Manziel," NFL Network analyst Charles Davis said Friday morning.

Davis isn't the first media member to bring up the possibility that the Cowboys would try to move up from 16 to grab Johnny Football. Chatter about that has been making the rounds for a while now.

We are, of course, in the middle of the lying season when it comes to the NFL Draft and what teams might, or might not, do. That makes it hard to know what is fact and what is fiction in terms of what you hear.

When it comes to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, though, all bets are off. So what the Cowboys have Tony Romo? And so what he signed a six-year, $108-million contract just a year ago? So what that the Cowboys basically don't even have a defense?

Could this really happen? I don't see how this helps the Cowboys at all, except in the area of creating headlines and making money. If you're a Giants' fan, my take is you should be hoping this is one rumor that actually turns into reality.