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2014 NFL Draft: Kiper -- Giants choice could be Martin vs. Ebron

ESPN's Mel Kiper says the most likely first-round choices for the Giants are Eric Ebron or Zack Martin?

Eric Ebron
Eric Ebron
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Since we know you need more fodder for discussion of the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft, and that you take as gospel every word uttered by ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr., here are a few New York Giants-related tidbits from a media conference call Kiper held on Wednesday.

Kiper basically described the Giants' choice at No. 12 as likely to come down to deciding between Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin and North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.

"That's the debate. After taking Justin Pugh last year do you come back and draft a guy like Martin? He's a heckuva player, but do you do it for the second year in a row? Eli needs help on the line, he needs wide receivers, he needs a tight end. Ebron would make sense. To me that's where you have to look at that particular point.

"Whoever the best player is on your board. You're picking at 12. You've gotta get, as you always want with the 12th pick, a guy in your top seven or eight. Whoever that is whether it is Martin or Ebron those would be the guys that would make the most sense."

(hat tip to Jordan Ranaan of for asking the question that prompted Kiper's repsonse.)

We mentioned on Wednesday that Kiper has Martin ranked 10th on his top 100 prospects list. Asked about Martin on Wednesday, here is what Kiper said about Martin:

"The kid is a reliable, consistent player. He'll come in right away and help you. He is a safe pick."

Kiper continued to say that he thinks Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan will be off the board long before the Giants pick at 12.

"You can make an argument he's better than Robinson, and I think right now he is. Robinson might have better upside but I think Taylor Lewan right now really benefitted from going back for his senior year. ... I don't think he gets past six."

Kiper also raised the possibility the tight-end needy Giants might pass on Ebron because he isn't an all-around player:

"Maybe because he's not a great blocker maybe the Giants pass on him. ... He's not gonna block and he's gonna be a little inconsistent catching the ball ... He's not the toughest guy out there."

We know that our own 'Raptor' is a huge fan of Penn State wide receiver Allen Robinson. Kiper believes Robinson is no more than a third-round pick in a draft deep at wide receiver.

"With another year at Penn State he would have been a late 1 early 2," Kiper said. "If you get Allen Robinson in the third round I think you get some nice value there."