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2014 NFL Draft Rumors: Aaron Donald out of reach for Giants?

Let's check in on some of the latest draft buzz.

Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2014 NFL Draft approaches we will occasionally look around at some of the draft buzz that might impact the New York Giants. One such report is that Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald, a possibility at No. 12 if the Giants want to address their defensive line, might be off the board. Great Blue North says there is "a bit of buzz" that Donald could be selected in the top 10.

Eric Ebron, another potential target for the Giants a 12, believes he won't last that long in the first round:

"If I had my choice of the teams that are high upon me right now that I believe are high on me, it was the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions. Those are the two teams that I believe are the highest upon me. Now are they telling the same things they are telling me to everybody else? I don’t know. But from my perspective and my point of view, those are the two teams that I believe if they could have signed me that day would have."

Some Giants' fans have expressed interest in Stanford linebacker Shayne Skov. Well, Skov apparently did not help himself during a workout for NFL teams:

Skov struggled to break 5.2-seconds in the forty when he ran for scouts, further angering people.  Skov did not participate in the Senior Bowl, combine or Stanford’s pro-day due to reported injury, and scouts were forced to make a special trip to watch him run/workout.  One scout commented Skov would’ve been better off had he not run at all.