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Mock Draft: All-time greats and where they might go

Let's have some fun BBV. Let's debate over a different kind of mock draft. What if we possessed a time machine and all of the past greats were available to select. How would that draft go?


This was an idea I "borrowed" from our excellent sister site, BloggingTheBoys by user "TheIronCowboy09." It was a fun exercise, and since we have an extra three weeks of time to kill before the New York Giants are on the clock for the 2014 NFL Draft (thanks Radio City!), I figured we should have a bit of fun. It's not all business here at Big Blue View!

Here's the lowdown:

- This is a mock draft like any other mock. Same format.

- That means the teams still have their same needs, and will be drafting a mix of BPA and need like any draft.

- The only players eligible are players that are retired or inactive from the NFL.

That's it! I'm eager to see what you guys come up with!


Houston Texans

Johnny Unitas, QB Colts The original greatest QB. The Texans were debating between Unitas and Joe Montana, but went with the "Golden Arm." Resume speaks for itself as a 10-time Pro Bowler, five-time All Pro, four-time MVP, and Pro Football Hall of Famer.


Jerry Rice, WR 49ers One of the greatest players overall in the league's history, he will single handedly bring Sam Bradford out of bust-dom. Simply uncoverable, the Rams will boast one of the best offensive corps in the NFL.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Joe Montana, QB 49ers The Jaguars are thrilled that their top pick fell to No. 3. Cleveland tried trading up ahead of them but couldn't come up with a deal, so the Jags land a multiple time Super Bowl MVP that could make any throw. What a coup.


Lawrence Taylor, OLB Giants Falls because of character concerns, but doesn't matter. This early in the draft, you are looking for a "game changer." So, Cleveland goes ahead and takes a player who quite literally changed the game with his transcendence. Gives them a monstrous defense with some real teeth in the front seven.


Oakland Raiders Reggie White, DE Packers The "Minister of Defense" was an absolute monster and a gamechanger like the aforemetioned LT. Adding him as a hybrid DT/DE would make the Oakland defense among the most feared in NFL when paired with Lamarr Woodley and Justin Tuck.


Jonathan Ogden, OT Ravens One of the best left tackles in the NFL falls all the way to No. 6. Atlanta spends all of about two seconds before they run to the podium and don't worry about Matt Ryan's blindside forever.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ray Lewis, ILB Ravens Back-to-back Ravens go in the top 10. Widely known as the best inside linebacker ever, Lovie Smith will be thrilled to move Mason Foster over to strong-side linebacker and add an impact monster in the middle.


Steve Young, QB 49ers Three 49ers going in the top 10. Shows just how dominant they were. Young knows how to use his mobility to his advantage and can create time to get some deep bombs to Cordarrelle Patterson and give Adrian Peterson some breathing room.


Buffalo Bills Randy Moss, WR Vikings It all depends on how motivated he is. The most talented wide receiver of all time aside from maybe Calvin Johnson, Moss' talent would add a field stretching element to this Buffalo attack.


Deion Sanders, CB Cowboys Sanders might be allergic to tackling, but that's about the only thing his game lacked. An eight-time Pro Bowler and All Pro, he would lock down half the field for Detroit and give them a tremendous boost in KR/PR as well.


Tennessee Titans John Elway, QB Broncos John Elway is what the Titans dreamed Jake Locker could be. It isn't even close. Elway's pinpoint accuracy, leadership, and movement skills would be an incredible fit for this Titans team struggling year in and year out.


Anthony Munoz, OT Bengals Thought by some to be the greatest offensive lineman of all time, the 1- time Pro Bowler and nine-time All Pro would be the perfect fit for this offense. Forget about Eli getting pressured on his side, and would anchor that line for a decade. Also, can you think of a more high character individual to play for Tom Coughlin?


St. Louis Rams Orlando Pace, OT Rams The Rams get one of their own. They already nailed the Jerry Rice selection, and now they land an anchor to make sure Bradford doesn't get destroyed. Boy, that RGIII trade is looking worse and worse by the day, eh?


Warren Sapp, DT Buccaneers Warren Sapp's game was as big as his mouth. The prototype for 3 techniques, he fits in like a glove when it comes to Chicago's Tampa-2 defense and would destroy the NFC North for years.


Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Brown, RB Browns It seems incredible that someone like Jim Brown would fall all the way to 15, but alas, that's how it is these days. Running backs just aren't valued these days and the Steelers get a steal and a half here.


Michael Strahan, DE Giants Say it ain't so! This pick makes too much sense for it not to happen. Michael Strahan is perhaps the greatest two-way 4-3 defensive end in NFL history and goodness, do the Cowboys need all of that after having a historically awful season on defense.


Baltimore Ravens Bruce Smith, DE Bills Just like Ozzie Newsome to nab a steal, even in a fake All-Time mock. Ridiculously productive, Smith holds the All-Time record for sacks with 200, and would slot right next to Haloti Ngata and just destroy everyone.


Dan Marino, QB Dolphins How sweet would this be for the Jets? They steal Marino right from under the Dolphins' clutches and get one of the most prolific passers in NFL history as part of their upgraded offense.


Miami Dolphins Bruce Matthews, OG Oilers The best interior offensive lineman in NFL history, the Dolphins seriously upgrade their offense and add an impenetrable wall. I mean, this guy was a 14-time Pro Bowlers and a 10-time All Pro.


Deacon Jones, DE/OLB Rams He exemplifed the name "sack master" and was probably close to the best in that regard. A "demon" on the field, adding him opposite John Abraham makes the Cardinals the best defense in the NFC West.


Green Bay Packers Rod Woodson, S Raiders 71 career interceptions. 12 returned for TDs. Eleven--time Pro Bowler and six-time All Pro. Yeah, I think he's going to help the back end of this team. A lot.


Jim Thorpe, OW Bulldogs Hear me out, here. The Canton Bulldogs weren't in the NFL, but were part of the APFA which would become the NFL. Dubbed the "Greatest Athlete of the Time" he played Football, Baseball, and Basketball. He could do anything he wanted and Chip Kelly is exactly the type of creative genius who would take advantage of his talents and wreak havoc on the league.


Kansas City Chiefs Steve Largent, WR Seahawks 819 rec, 13,089 yards and 100 TDs. The original Wes Welker, Largent was too quick to be covered. He'd fit in perfectly in Kansas City's West coast offense and torch anybody who tried covering him.


Roger Staubach, QB Cowboys "Captain Comeback" is about as good as it gets for a Bengals team that has struggled closing the deal in recent years. Staubach was the leader of the group that brought the Cowboys into prominence and unfortunately has kept them there.


Dick "Night Train" Lane This is the guy that walked in his rookie season and nabbed an NFL record 14 interceptions in a single season. The Chargers are desperate for secondary help and one of the greatest ever lands in SD to help them out.


Emlen Tunnell, CB Giants Often forgotten, Tunnell was one of our storied franchise's greatest players. The first-ever African-American member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, this nine-time Pro Bowler and eight-time All Pro was one of the league's premier ballhawks with 79 career INTs.


Derrick Thomas, OLB Chiefs One of the best pass rushers of all time, Thomas already had nine Pro Bowls in his 10-year career and 126.5 sacks before he tragically passed away from complications of a car accident. What could have been ...


Ronnie Lott, S 49ers Four-time champion and eight-time All Pro, Lott is considered to be one of the hardest hitters in NFL history. The Panthers need a lot of help at a lot of places, but they add some real nastiness to the back end to go with the front end.


Tony Gonzalez, TE Chiefs Fourteen Pro Bowls, 11-time All Pro. Record number of yards and TDs by a TE. If Tom Brady actually ever had a Tony Gonzalez in his prime, the rest of the league might as well give up.


Bo Jackson, RB Raiders The Greatest Video Game Athlete of All time. Bo's short NFL career gets a rewind here, and hopefully the 49ers can keep him healthy with the technology and medical innovation we have now. He has the potential to be the greatest player ever, so grabbing him at 30 overall is a boom or bust selection but has to be considered a huge steal.


Derrick Brooks, OLB Buccaneers One of the best 4-3 outside linebackers in NFL history, Brooks is a perfect prototype of what a linebacker should be, racking up 1,700 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 25 INTs and 6 TDs in his career. Simply amazing.


John Randle, DT Vikings

6-foot-1 287 pounds of pure, unbridled, unblockable fury. Randle racked up 137.5 sacks in his career en route to the Hall of Fame and this is simply a situation of the rich getting richer as the Seahawks add a monster to the defensive interior.

Who was left our of the first round that you absolutely believe should have been included?