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Big Blue View Mailbag: Happy Easter edition

Let's look at what is on the minds of readers this week in our 'Big Blue View Mailbag.'

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Happy Easter, everybody! Enjoy your day, but stay with us for just a bit first and take a peek inside the Big Blue View Mailbag.

Answer: Well, you might be a homer but I think you have a point. The Giants have done an awful lot of good things in free agency, yet you rarely see them listed on the plus side whenever you see those 'winners and losers' of free agency type posts. Perhaps that is an indication of just how decrepit the Giants' roster actually was in 2013. Jerry Reese & Co. have done a lot, but look hard at the roster and you see a lot more that could or should be done. The Giants can't afford any big misses in the upcoming draft.

Answer: No. Twitter users hear from Wilson pretty regularly, but we've seen or heard nothing football-related whatsoever. I believe the Giants hope to have Wilson on the field in 2014, but they certainly can't build plans around him at this point. His status remains up in the air.

Answer: There is always a chance, but I HATE this whole idea of saying I'm taking Position A in Round 1, Position B in Round 2, Position C in Round 3, etc. The draft does not work that way -- you have positions you want to address, and you take what you believe to be the best value for your team that presents itself at those positions when it's your turn to pick. If you say 'I'm taking a guard in Round 2 no matter what' that is how you make mistakes and leave better players on the board.

Answer: Well, you have not only put the cart before the horse here -- you've put it a few thousand miles in front of the horse. Let's see if Freeman even makes the team, which is far from a sure thing, first. Besides which, even if he makes the team what trade value would the guy have if he never gets in a regular-season game -- and everybody connected with the Giants has to hope the guy never plays a snap.