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Weatherford Wednesday: Installment No. 7

Yes, your favorite day of the week is here. It's 'Weatherford Wednesday.'


Good morning, everybody! Your 'Weatherford Wednesday' has arrived. So, let me just get out of the way so you can enjoy this week's exploits of New York Giants' punter Steve Weatherford.

This one is here, well, just because.

There is, undoubtedly, a media career in Weatherford's future.

I couldn't embed this video of Weatherford making an appearance with Martellus and Michael Bennett, but felt like it should be included.

We honestly hope our man Steve doesn't get in trouble for working out too much.

Weatherford and Zak DeOssie. Did you ever get the idea that Steve loves the camera?

The next couple of photos show you Team Weatherford. Sorry, ladies.

The rest of Team Weatherford.

Could Giants' placekicker Josh Brown feel cheated on here? This is Weatherford with John Carney.

Let's hope we never see this for real.