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2014 NFL Draft: New York Giants draft-day trade scenarios

What options might the Giants have if they want to move off the 12th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft? We propose a few scenarios.

Earlier this week we broached the idea of the New York Giants trading up in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. With that discussion in mind, let's propose five first-round trade scenarios for the Giants -- some moving up and some moving down. Remember, these are all hypothetical and I have no inside knowledge of whether or not the Giants would actually consider these moves. At the end, vote in the poll and let us know which scenario you prefer.

Up to No. 2 (St. Louis Rams)

In this scenario, the target would most likely be Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson. Here, the assumption is that the Houston Texans take defensive end Jadeveon Clowney No. 1 and that the Rams, rumored to be willing to move out of this spot, decide to do just that. This would, obviously, mean swapping first-round picks with St. Louis. The Giants would likely also have to add a mid-round pick this year and perhaps next year's first-round pick to make this happen.

Is Robinson, a plug-and-play guy considered the best left tackle in this draft class, worth making that move?

Up to No. 4 (Cleveland Browns)

In this scenario, the Browns want out of this spot because they don't want any of the quarterbacks who are available. There are only two reasons the Giants would consider this. One is that Robinson is still on the board and they have decided they have to have him to protect the blind side of Eli Manning. The other is that the Giants have decided they absolutely must have Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans to give Manning the big target on the outside that they need. To get this done the Giants would likely need to give Cleveland a second-round pick. As deep as this draft is, if I'm Jerry Reese I try to talk the Browns into taking that second-rounder in 2015.

Is Evans worth making the move?

Up to No. 6 (Atlanta Falcons)

Truth is, I don't see the Falcons as being willing to play ball in this scenario. But, this is my hypothesis and I'm going to propose it anyway. In this scenario, the Giants have decided that they absolutely must move up to get the receiving target they covet most -- either Evans if he is still on the board or North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron. To ensure they can do that they have to get in front of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at No. 7 and the Buffalo Bills at No. 9. This is a deal that would likely cost the Giants a second- or maybe a third-round pick.

In this scenario, is it worth it to make the move for Evans or Ebron?

Down to No. 17 (Baltimore Ravens)

This is the 'bail out on picking Taylor Lewan' scenario. In this scenario, Evans and Ebron are gone, the Giants don't want Aaron Donald (sacrilege, I know) and they have decided they would be perfectly happy with Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin, LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Missouri defensive end Kony Ealy, UCLA linebacker Anthony Barr or another player they believe will be available at 17. The Ravens would likely have to hand the Giants a third-round pick to get this done, and in this deep draft a third-round pick (Baltimore's third-round would be 79th overall) is a tremendous value.

Would you drop down and take the extra pick here, Giants' fans?

Down to No. 26 (Cleveland Browns)

In this scenario, the Browns are desperate. They skipped taking a quarterback at No. 4, and now Cleveland GM Ray Farmer is sweating bullets that all the quarterbacks he likes (Cleveland desperately needs one in case you've been sleeping under a rock) will be gone by their second pick in the first round.

If you are the Giants in this scenario you take Cleveland's 26th pick and also insist on their second-round pick, 34th overall. The Giants' second-round pick is No. 43. You can't target a player here as too much can happen before the 26th pick, but this gives you three picks in the first 43 selections of what is supposed to be the deepest draft in many years.

Would you take this scenario, Giants' fans?