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Eli Manning in decline? Kevin Gilbride calls the idea 'ludicrous'

The 'is Eli Manning in decline?' question has stirred up a firestorm. Kevin Gilbride calls the idea 'ludicrous,' and ex-NFL quarterback Jim Miller says quarterback-needy teams should line up to make a deal for Manning if the Giants really believe his best days are done.

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Eli Manning
Eli Manning
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The discussion of whether or not New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has begun to decline certainly grew some long legs on Monday. It started a lively Twitter conversation ex-Giants Carl Banks weighed in on, got ex-Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride to come out and call the notion "ludicrous" and got ex-NFL quarterback Jim Miller to say  that the Cleveland Browns should trade for Manning if the Giants really believe Manning is declining.

We will get into all of that in a second. First, a question. When does Big Blue View get its royalty check for helping to give so many people so much to talk about on Monday.

Gilbride, appearing on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports, scoffed at the idea that the 33-year-old Manning is in decline:

"I think he's gonna be fine as long as the supporting cast, he's not a guy that can solve problems with his feet. You have to give him a line, give him some time. He's gonna throw the ball to the right person, and he's gonna throw it accurately," Gilbride said.

"There's been no deterioration of his arm strength, there's been no lack of preparation and effort," Gilbride continued. "I think he's gonna be fine as soon as they solidify the offensive line ... and as soon as they get somebody who is going to be productive for them as an outside receiver.

Gilbride, incidentally, endorsed the idea of bringing in Matt Flynn to back up Manning, calling it a "natural" fit because he already knows the offense new coordinator Ben McAdoo will install.

Miller, co-hosting on Sirius XM NFL Radio with former NFL scout Pat Kirwan,  raised the idea of the Browns trying to pry Manning away from the Giants:

"If there is anybody in that Giants' front office that thinks Eli Manning is declining, if I'm Ray Farmer (Browns GM) I'm calling the New York Giants and saying what do you want for Eli Manning," Miller said.

"I think this is a player who can rebound. Offensive line was a mess. Receiver position was a mess. The running back position was God-awful last year. Eli Manning, I think, will have a huge rebound year under Ben McAdoo."

Of the idea Manning is in decline Miller added "I don't believe it one bit."

Kirwan said the change from Gilbride to McAdoo will do wonders for Manning at this stage of his career:

"You really feel like you've gotta be competitive, you really feel like you've gotta learn. It's not the same old stuff, it's not on Day 1 you know every play of the installation," Kirwan said. "You have to take a little coaching a different way."

Below is the conversation between Miller and Kirwan regarding Manning. It's a worthwhile listen.

For the record, I never endorsed the idea that Manning is in decline -- which people seem to have read into my remarks. I simply raised the discussion, since it was already out there, and pointed out that the Giants will soon have a critical decision to make in regards to their franchise quarterback.