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New York Giants' news, 4/14: Eli Manning in decline?

New York Giants' headlines for Monday, 4/14.

Ron Antonelli

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! We begin your week with a discussion that popped up around the Inter-Google over the weekend, and one we have skirted around during the course of the offseason. That subject? Is Giants' quarterback Eli Manning in decline?

ESPN's Dan Graziano started the weekend firestorm, writing that whether the 33-year-old Manning has begun to decline "is a question that has not gone unasked within the ranks of the Giants' front office."

Valentine's View

Let's be honest. This shouldn't be news to anybody, and certainly not to anybody who has been reading Big Blue View since the season ended. Yours truly hasn't talked to any moles inside the Giants' front office, but off the worst season of his 10-year career and, truthfully, a season-and-a-half of bad play, the Giants' personnel people would be foolish not to discuss what they think their franchise quarterback has left in the tank. And no, they aren't foolish.

For those of you who have been screaming about Eli re-negotiating his contract, Graziano is also correct that there is a solid reason the Giants have passed on the short-term salary cap relief. Re-negotiating with Manning means tying the organization to him for more years beyond 2015 and, here's that word again, they would be utterly foolish to do that with a 33-year-old quarterback who hasn't played well in quite some time.

This point has been made here before, but I will make it again. The 2014 season is a critical one for the relationship between Manning and the Giants. A big year and the Giants will likely extend him and plan for four of five more years with him at the helm. Another inconsistent season and you can bet that full-fledged planning for a future without Manning will begin.

Other News

Still hoping Jermichael Finley might be in play for the Giants if the free-agent tight end ever gets medical clearance following his season-ending 2013 neck injury? Well, Finley is reportedly on the Miami Dolphins' radar.

Another free-agent tight end, Bear Pascoe, hasn't found a job yet and it sounds like he hasn't generated much interest. Pascoe says he is "just kind of hanging out, staying in shape, waiting for the phone to ring." looks at the teams that have had the most roster turnover since 2011. Where do you think the Giants rank?

Writing for the National Football Post, Greg Gabriel looks at players whose stock rose or fell based on last week's pro days and workouts.

An NFC personnel man says Jadeveon Clowney is "spoiled and lazy."

As many prospects as we discuss prior to the draft, there are many small-school prospects we know little about. Here is a ranking of the best small-school prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft.