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Todd McShay NFL Mock Draft 4.0: Taylor Lewan, Ryan Shazier to Giants

Todd McShay's latest mock draft is a two-rounder.

Ryan Shazier
Ryan Shazier
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay is out with version 4.0 of his 2014 NFL Mock Draft, and McShay has selected Michigan offensive tackle Taylor at No. 12 and Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier at No. 43 for the New York Giants.

McShay on the Lewan pick:

Lewan would be a steal for the Giants at No. 12, as they need a left tackle and Lewan has the ability to be a very good one in the NFL if he can improve his strength. He has great experience and durability (started 48 of 50 career games), is a very good technician as a run blocker and has quick feet and hands as a pass protector. He has an off-field issue that the Giants would have to be comfortable with (his arraignment for assault charges stemming from an alleged 2013 fight has been delayed until after the draft), but assuming they are, this pick is a no-brainer.

Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans (7th, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron (9th, Buffalo Bills) are both off the board at No. 12 in McShay's mock. More and more you see analysts agree with McShay's thinking here that as long as the Giants are comfortable with Lewan's character they won't let him slide by.

McShay on the selection of Shazier:

Shazier would finally give the Giants a big-time athlete at linebacker, which outweighs any concerns about his size.

I am going to guess that this pick would be nearly universally cheered by the Big Blue View community.