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2014 NFL Draft: Prospect Profile -- Ka'Deem Carey, RB, Arizona

Let's discuss one of the running back prospects available for the Giants on Day 2. This time, it's Arizona's Ka'Deem Carey.

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The running game is absolutely a priority for the New York Giants, especially with coach Tom Coughlin and now with new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. McAdoo and the Packers relied heavily upon the running prowess of rookie RB Eddie Lacy.

Ka'Deem Carey is one of my favorite RB prospects in this year's draft. This year, he was quite productive, notching 1885 yards, 19 TDs with a 5.4 YPC rushing along with 26 receptions for 173 yards and another TD receving.

He's fairly stout, standing at 5-foot-9 and 207 pounds. He didn't have a great combine, running an official 4.70, but speed really isn't his game. Let's explore further.


- Vision is best in the draft. Great football IQ. He knows where to go and which seams will be open for bigger gains.

- Going along with the vision, he's very decisive. Once the decision is made, he hits the hole without hesitation.

- Violent runner. Shrugs off hits and gives some of his own. Rich Rodriguez said he "runs hungry."

- Acceleration is a plus attribute. He can stop and start with the best of them.

- Very strong in the screen game. Can attribute that to vision and acceleration. Has soft hands. Near the top of the draft when it comes to playing in space.

- Some of his cuts are straight up beautiful. His jump cut and stutter step are LeSean McCoy-esque.

- Good balance. Won't go down on first hit.


- Straight line speed isn't elite.

- I'm not aware of any great pass protection skills. Wasn't asked to do too much in that aspect, and when he did, was nothing special.

- Sometimes runs too high, making him prone for the big hit.

- Character red flag. Involved in domestic abuse case that was ultimately thrown out. Tossed from basketball game for verbal altercation with police.

Does He Fit With The Giants?

Yes and no. I think he's perfect for Ben McAdoo as he's likely the best screen running back in the draft, and we all know how much McAdoo loves the screen pass. You also look at his ability to run in between the tackles and with his vision fits perfectly with our pseudo-ZBS blocking scheme. However, we have no idea how he'll be able to pass protect, and his violent running style might make him prone to injury.

Prospect Video

Ka'Deem Carey vs Colorado (2013) (via Aaron Aloysius)

Big Board Rankings

Big Blue View - 48

Mocking The Draft - 31

CBS Sports - 41

Draft Countdown - 53

Draft Tek - 103

Final Thoughts

Ka'Deem Carey is a very good running back prospect. Aside from Draft Tek (which put more stock into the NFL Combine than most others, by my experience), he's slated to be a prospect somewhere in the 40-50 range by most accounts. That would put him squarely into the second round range. I don't think he goes there, I think he's more in line for a third round range simply because of supply and demand for RBs in this draft.

If he is in that third round area, he should absolutely warrant consideration from the Giants. He is the type of playmaker that fits exceptionally well into what McAdoo wants to do with the screen game. A pro comparison? I'd say the skill set and frame remind me a bit of Arian Foster.