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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Greg Robinson your choice at No. 12 for Giants

Big Blue View readers have chosen Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson with the Giants' pick at No. 12 in our interactive mock draft.

Greg Robinson
Greg Robinson
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Robinson is the selection for the New York Giants in the first round of our interactive 2014 NFL Mock Draft. We had 189 voters in our brief polling window, and 83 of those (44 percent) chose to make the Auburn offensive tackle the 12th overall selection. [Full poll results]

For me, it would have been a stunner if the vote had not swung in Robinson's favor. As 'nickdesposito' commented "Robinson shouldn't be there at 12, the value is too much to pass up."

Here is another comment, this one from 'TBYFBG.'

"In the real world, this is where we get a ransom from Arizona or another OT needy team, but since trades don’t seem to be an option, it’s gotta be Robinson."

Robinson is No. 5 on the Big Blue View Big Board.

Let's move on to the second round in our interactive mock. Your choices are in the poll below, so start voting.