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Giants' Free Agency Rumors: Which guard do you want?

Which free-agent guard would you like to see end up with the New York Giants?

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Jon Asamoah
Jon Asamoah
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agency 2014 begins March 11, and if you have been paying any attention at all you know by now that the New York Giants are expected to aggressively pursue free-agent guards as they try to rebuild their sieve-like offensive line. Fortunately for the Giants, the market appears to be flush with quality guards.

Which guard would you like to see the Giants add to their lineup? Vote in the poll below and let us know. To help you decide we have profiled many of the best potential targets and we will go through them again here.

Geoff Schwartz, Kansas City Chiefs

Schwartz took a job away from Jon Asamoah in Kansas City during the 2013 season, and now with both heading to free agency it seems almost certain one of them will leave the Chiefs. Pro Football Focus graded him at +18.6 in 2013, and says emphatically that "he is the top guard in free agency." Rotoworld calls the 6-foot-6, 340-pound Schwartz a "Mauling power blocker, alley clearer."

Zane Beadles, Denver Broncos

Beadles made the Pro Bowl in 2012, but scored only a -5.7 from Pro Football Focus in 2013. Beadles struggles in pass protection, but PFF says he "has value in the run game." Beadles' Pro Bowl season is the only time in his four-year career he has had a plus grade from PFF.

Jon Asamoah, Kansas City Chiefs

The futures of Asamoah and Schwartz are tied together. Schwartz took Asamoah's job with the Chiefs and now at least one of them will be elsewhere next season. Schwartz is the road-grading run-blocker, Asamoah reportedly the better pass-blocker.

PFF graded the 26-year-old Asamoah at +7.9 in 2013, better than any Giats' offensive lineman. PFF says Asamoah "has exceptionally quick feet and hands that he uses to mirror defenders movements" and adds that he "could be a difference-maker in whichever city he ends up." Rotoword believes Asamoah "could be a nice value signing."

Asamoah has had plus grades from PFF in each of the past three seasons.

Chad Rinehart, San Diego Chargers

Rinehart was a flop with the Washington Redskins, but revived his career with the Chargers. PFF says "Chad Rinehart might be the most intriguing prospect on this list along with Shelley Smith. The reason being that in Rinehart’s six-year career, he has only had one full season and in that season he was superb. In 2011, Rinehart’s last season in Buffalo, he played 868 snaps and finished with a +16.1 grade overall."

PFF believes Rinehart, 29, might be willing to take a one-year deal.

Rodger Saffold, St. Louis Rams

Saffold is a versatile lineman capable of playing everywhere on the line except center, although there is a growing belief the 26-year-old could be an exceptional guard. PFF says "Is he a guard, is he a tackle? Whatever he is to whatever team signs him, there's undeniable talent there in the former second round pick. Looked better at guard, but his versatility will just add to his value."

Saffold had a +6.7 PFF grade in 2013. Durability is the primary concern with Saffold.