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New York Giants' news, 3/5: Eagles 'pulling away' in NFC East? Not so fast

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 3/5.

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Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly
Rich Schultz

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! It is time for today's look around the Inter-Google for the stories impacting the Giants. looks at the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles and believes they are "pulling away" from the rest of the division:

"Philadelphia, quite honestly, is pulling away from the rest of the division as far as their team-building right now. ... They’re locking up young players that Chip [Kelly] has identified as being people he wants long-term, whereas the rest of the division is either trying to cut a bunch of dead weight like Dallas and New York, or is a team that’s in constant turmoil like Washington where every year it seems like they’re doing something new and they’re always spinning their wheels. Philly’s pulling away."

Valentine's View: It is apparent that the Eagles are on a good track, but are they really "pulling away?" It seems to me there were similar things said about the Washington Redskins a year ago, and we know what happened there.

Reality is, the Giants have A LOT of work to do. With more than two-dozen free agents, a decent amount of salary cap room, and a brand-new offensive coaching staff, however, the Giants have an opportunity to largely re-shape their roster and their future. Before we talk about anyone "pulling away" let's see what Jerry Reese and the Giants do with that opportunity.

Now, let's look at more of this morning's headlines.

The New York Post says the Giants will play a waiting game in free agency. Valentine's View: Aside from Jon Beason, the Giants seem willing to wait out the market and see what happens.

In an 'Insider' piece, ESPN put together an offseason blueprint for the Giants.

USA Today says it is time for the Giants to say goodbye to old stars.

The Giants did make a couple of moves with their own free agents on Monday, tendering contracts to linebacker Spencer Paysinger ($1.431 million) and offensive lineman Dallas Reynold ($570,000).

Have you seen the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers' uniforms? Well, took at look at what the Giants' uniforms would look like using the new Tampa Bay design.