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NFL Free Agency 2014: Running back rankings

Andre Brown
Andre Brown
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In its ranking of the top 10 free-agent running backs about to hit the open market, correctly identifies the New York Giants as one of the league's running back-needy teams as we head into the meaty part of the offseason. has Andre Brown of the Giants No. 7 on its list and says "a decent bet to re-up" with Brown, who "would rate higher on this list if we trusted his durability."

While both of those statements might be correct, perhaps both sides are waiting to see what the market will bear. Personally, I have advocated the Giants waiting to see if they can find an upgrade over Brown via free agency. lists Ben Tate as the top running back available, saying "Tate is the ideal mix of age and on-field potential. The 25-year-old is our top candidate to earn a long-term deal and step into a lead role in 2014."

Here at Big Blue View, Toby Gerhart of the Minnesota Vikings has been talked about quite a bit. says Gerhart has "proven pass-catching ability" and adds they "wouldn't be stunned to see a runner-needy team angle to make him a starter. Still fresh-legged at 26, he's an intriguing target."

Could the Giants sign Brown to an inexpensive deal and still add someone like Gerhart, or even former Giant Ahmad Bradshaw?