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POLL: What should NFL do about the extra point?

The league is considering experimenting with moving the extra point back from 20 yards to 42.

Giants' placekicker Josh Brown
Giants' placekicker Josh Brown
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A 42-yard extra-point attempt? The NFL reportedly is considering experimenting during the preseason with the radical idea of more than doubling the distance of the current extra point.'s Judy Battista reported Monday that the Competition Committee has kicked around the idea of placing the ball at the 25-yard line for extra points, but that "there is no consensus."

According to Battista's data, NFL kickers made 83 percent of kicks between 40 and 49 yards last season. Just five of 1,267 extra-point attempts were missed.

Placekicking has become so precise with perfect field conditions, special kicking balls, increased specialization, rules that make the snap easier and blocking kicks more difficult that a movement toward making the extra point -- and probably eventually field goals themselves -- seems inevitable.

Personally, I favor one of two approaches.

First, I like the idea of moving the extra point back -- just not this far. Make it 30 yards -- still virtually automatic for modern-day NFL kickers but at least slightly more challenging.

Second, I believe that at some point you simply have to narrow the goal posts to make the target area for kickers smaller.

What I don't favor is the elimination of the extra point altogether, or the notion of penalizing a team a point if it misses a two-point conversion.

Your thoughts, Giants' fans?