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Big Blue View Mailbag: Answering this week's questions

Opening up the Big Blue View Mailbag.

Jayron Hosley
Jayron Hosley
Jim McIsaac

It is time for this week's Big Blue View Mailbag.' Let's see what is on your minds today.

Valentine's View: I think everyone should understand that the massive makeover the Giants are undergoing on offense will not come without pain. No way it will be smooth sailing right from the beginning, especially with the limitations on offseason and training camp practices that are now in place. Remember years ago when Steve Spagnuolo took over as defensive coordinator things were really ugly for a while, but everything eventually fell into place. It is going to take time for this offense to come together.

As for defense, you might see some adjustments in the secondary. The Giants have upgraded there with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond and perhaps they will be more aggressive. We'll see. I don't expect any real changes in how they use the front seven.

Valentine's View: I have to say when I first saw this tweet I wondered why Mike Woodson was worrying about the Giants' cornerbacks instead of the Knicks' issues. Then I re-read the tweet. Anyway, to answer the question I think it says the Giants are in a situation where they know they weren't good enough and they have to do whatever they can to improve. It might not be a direct indictment of Hosley, but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Walter Thurmond and even Trumaine McBride are better players. That's just how it goes.

Q: From the Big Blue View Facebook page, reader Connor McCann recently asked: "Is Kelvin Benjamin/Eric Ebron duo a realistic expectation for this year's draft? Or do you think Reese will start rebuilding the pass rush with early round talent?"

Valentine's View: I honestly think it's a coin flip right now. Considering the needs at receiver and tight end you could see Ebron in the first and Benjamin in the second. You could see Pitt defensive tackle Aaron Donald taken in the first. You could see the best offensive lineman on the board taken at No. 12. Maybe the Giants take a linebacker somewhere in the first two or three rounds. They have options, and it will depend on what Jerry Reese and the organization see as the best value as each selection arises.

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