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Mark Sanchez Rumors: Giants 'in the mix' for backup QB

Are the Giants interested in Mark Sanchez?

When we last saw Mark Sanchez Marvin Austin did this to him
When we last saw Mark Sanchez Marvin Austin did this to him

[UPDATE 5:36 PM EDT: Jordan Ranaan of reporting that the Giants have no 'real' interest in Mark Sanchez.]

Valentine's View: The whole Sanchez to the Giants thing could well be much ado about nothing, with the Giants doing their due diligence on Sanchez, which they do on every player. Still, fun fodder for late-day discussion on an otherwise mundane Monday.

The New York Giants are reportedly 'in the mix' for the services of former New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

All I can say to that is, well, umm, I didn't see that coming.

The first reports that came out indicated Sanchez was likely to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. That was quickly followed by Rapoport's tweet that Sanchez could actually end up with the Giants.

My first reaction is that signing Sanchez would seem like an odd move for the Giants, unless they simply don't believe second-year man Ryan Nassib can be an effective replacement should something happen to Eli Manning.

Sanchez has a 55.1 percent completion percentage and a 71.7 passer rating for his career with the Jets. He would, honestly, be an upgrade from Curtis Painter -- yet signing Sanchez would undoubtedly draw into question how the Giants feel about Nassib.